Thursday, February 4, 2010

The SLR Sloop

This new SLR bag is so freakin' awesome! It's so bright, modern and fun and I would love to carry around my camera in this bag. AND one lucky winner will get one over at the Creature Comforts blog! Hurry, contest ends Monday!



Jenni said...

ohhh awesome!!!

aparsonsphotography said...

Very cute! I know this is about the entry but check this one out too.. Ive been on the hunt for a "camoflage" camera bag for a month now and stumbled upon these beauties.. when I get some extra $$$ the red one will be mine!!

Hope you are doing well lady, we all need to meet for lunch sometime!

aparsonsphotography said...

I forgot to leave the link.. been a long day!!! Here you go,