Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fav

Today my favorite thing is
yes, I admit, I love this holiday.

Before I used to think it was just a stupid corporate card holiday, but now that I am older and understand what an amazing thing LOVE is, I just think it's so great that there is a holiday to remind us how important it is to be thankful for the loved ones in your life and for the simpleness of understanding what we learned in sunday school that GOD is LOVE. :) So this post is dedicated to a few people in my life who I love and am so grateful for, there are so many more than are just in this post!

My cool friends

My buddy - yes, that's what we call each other. 
(This girls is an amazing person.)

My best friend from high school

 My awesome bro.

My beautiful sisters

Cutest niece in the world.

My Amazing parents

And crazy family in general

And my hubby - the love of my life (besides Jesus).

Sorry for the long post. Happy early Valentines Day. Don't forget that LOVE really does make the world a better place....

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Jenni said...

awww this was so sweet!!!