Wednesday, February 10, 2010

living greenlee tip #2

reduce, REUSE, recycle

Last fall Zach got inspired by this article in a old Readymade and wanted to try and make some bowls out of construction netting. I have to say they turned out pretty neat! We spray painted a few green after they were made but then decided that that probably wasn't the most environmentally friendly thing to do, so we left the rest orange. He sold quite a few at a craft show I had a booth at in December and the rest are now in the garage except for one on our dining table.  So if you want one let me know :).
Remember before you throw something away, think of a way it can be reused first! (We got our construction netting for the workers that were finishing up a project on our street).  If you want to learn how you can make these bowls go here.


Laura said...

I do like those things. They are fun! Your so crafty!

my name is lauren. said...

these are SO cool!

i'm impressed!