Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Renegade Craft-Holiday 2010 Recap

My other big event of December 2010 was the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, IL. I really had no idea what to expect with this show. Besides the fact that it's one of the most well-known shows in the U.S. and so well publicized, I just knew that I had to prepare as many items as possible before the show. 
I changed up my booth quite a bit for this show and had fun created mannequin heads for my headbands and hats. Zach and I tried our best to practice my booth setup before we got there. The night before Renegade it snowed quite a bit. Little did I know that this would help sell all of my cowls, scarves and hats, expect for 3 on day one of the fair!

 My booth before all the items were picked over!

Birds eye view of the main level.

We had such a great time and were even able to stay for a few days longer to explore the city!
I'm super happy I got to be a part of the show and meet so many awesome people. I was told by several that I should apply for the September show as well. So I hope to see Chicago again several times this year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here We Go Again - October/November

I really could have so many excuses right now as to why I haven't been blogging lately, but really the truth is I've just been more committed to my Etsy shop and twitter! But now I feel like my blogging friends have been missing out so here I go, a little update of the last few months. This may be more than one post but at least I'm filling people in, right? Let's go month by month, shall we?

October was filled with apple picking, pumpkin patches and lots of prep for shows. Besides all that it was my first year being able to see my 5 year old niece dressed up for Halloween. In fact, since we've moved back to St. Louis, there has been a lot of firsts I've been able to experience with her! It's really something watching this little girl grow!

Fun fact: In St. Louis kids are usually requested to tell jokes before they get candy on Halloween!

My first booth of 2010 (this has changed QUITE a bit)

November was the beginning of my crafting season in 2010. I started with a few local shows and then was happy to participate in the Rock N' Roll Craft Show 7. This was very different from my normal shows in that all the items were displayed department store style. Everyone's items were sectioned according to the catergory that it fits in. It was lots of fun and I'll definitley plan on applying for the show again next year.  It was a great start to the holiday craft season!

Photo from 2005 from the RNR Flickr Site.

During November we were also able to make a quick trip to KC to visit some friends and their new little baby girl! They are such a sweet little family and we really miss being around them and all our friends on a weekly basis!

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