Friday, August 6, 2010

Scenes from Seaside

We finally made it to St. Louis in time to take a quick vacation to Seaside, Florida. We went last year and loved it so much we made last minute plans to go back. We had a great time, needless-to-say, we probably won't drive back as traffic turned the 13-hour car ride into a 17-hour.

Seaside is probably the cutest little beach town you've ever seen.

Cupcake Trailer

Dreamy porch swing

So bright and cheery

Blue building, blue sky and palm trees

White pickett and the ocean.

Another tid-bit of info: Seaside is where they filmed the movie "The Truman Show" because it looks so perfect it's surreal. More photos to come!


Amy said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous, what a lovely place to visit! I'd say worth the 13 hour drive for the photos alone :D Hope you're having a great weekend!

Jenni said...

awww so sweet!!! I love it!!!!