Monday, July 12, 2010

BIG news!

After much thought and discussion over the past few months, Zach and I have made a pretty big decision...
We're Moving to St. Louis!

We are pretty pumped for what's in store and are trusting that God has some good things planned. We are being pretty brave, both quitting our jobs and moving in with my 'rents until Zach gets a new job, closer to the field that he is waning. And me, I'm going to try and pursue my knitting and design full time! We are being super brave, but are both really excited to be closer to my family and be able to do things we are passionate about.

I have already began to try and get a start on promoting myself through etsy and have applied for several craft shows this fall and am hoping to get more involved with the craft scene in St. Louis. So, if anyone has any tips, please share! 

In the mean time, these next 3-4 weeks are going to be super busy! My last day of work is this Friday, next week I will be packing up our little house and preparing for our move the Monday of the last week of July, and then going to Florida for a week with my family! It's going to be super busy, but I'm very excited to know that God has great things in store for us. We are also planning on starting to attend the Journey in St. Louis, so if you have any info or connections about that church as well, please share or let me know! Sorry for the few and far between posts, life is a bit hectic right now, but eventually I will be able to focus more on this blog!

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jennifer young said...

good luck with the move!!!