Friday, April 15, 2011

Zach and Cristin's Day-of-Fun

Some may know, but my and Zach's birthdays are a day apart so we end up doing something for the whole weekend whenever this time of year comes around. This year Zach had to work on my birthday but got the day off before so we spent some time in the city, doing some thrifting, going to the park and driving around looking at different neighborhoods. (We really love doing this) We started the day with free chick-fil-a biscuits and a free smoothie king smoothie! Gotta love coupons.

Zach enjoying his free breakfast.

We went thrifting and saw this awesome Schwinn bike in perfect condition and then went to a cute little book store in an old house.

After that we got some delicious cupcakes and spent some time hanging out at a park!

On our way back from the city we stopped by this old house with some neat antiques and a backyard filled with some amazing treasures!
Such a fun day with my hubs! 


UpperBottom said...

Hi! New twitter follower here. Very cute post. Nice that your birthdays are so close together.

Rachel @Upperbottom

Jenni said...

aw how fun!!! Happy Birthday to you too!!! I might be in St. Louis In May! Maybe we can meet up one night and catch up!